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Pacific Pipe Systems GRP pipe Applications
GRP pipes have a history spanning more than 60 years and with well proven and tested standards. The most commonly used are AWWA, ASTM and ISO standards and those are also the base for the Indian BIS standards. In the early days, due to the higher cost of raw materials, GRP pipes had a disadvantage against metallic pipes but even in this situation, GRP pipes were the fastest growing pipe material in the world in market share. It was supplied at a premium price due to the benefits in corrosion resistance and long term performance. Since then the raw material cost ratio has changed to the advantage of GRP pipes over metallic pipes. Now we supply a superior product at a more competitive price than traditional pipe materials.
Rehabilitation and No-Dig trenchless applications  

The ageing water and sewer infrastructure in major cities is in need of rehabilitation and sometimes replacement and conventional open trench methods have proven difficult and sometimes impossible due to traffic conditions in the cities and difficulties with access to the construction sites. No dig installation methods have proven more feasible and cost effective with less interruptions of traffic flow.

The most commonly used methods are relining / slip lining. where a new pipe that also acts as a structural member is inserted inside the old and corroded pipe. The access points can be several hundred meters apart dependent on the condition of the old pipe. This method would reduce the inner diameter of the construction but this is often compensated for by the higher flow rates of the GRP pipe.

Burst lining where a pig pulling a pipe string first crush the old pipe and push it into the surrounding soil and insert a new pipe of the same diameter as the old and corroded pipe. It is a more costly method but sometimes required to increase flow rates.

Pipe jacking, mainly used for new installations where there is limited scope for open cut installations or where the burial depth is so deep that open cut is not economical. GRP pipes have been proven a pipe material of choice due to the fast coupling system and the high compressive strength.

Pacific provides piping systems for all no dig applications as well as engineering and installation support.

Video: Innovative method for relining with GRP pipes in Hamburg (German)

  Pipe Jacking
  Slip Lining
Other applications  

Pacific Pipes for potable water, power, sewers, industrial, no dig and trenchless rehabilitation applications.

There are many other application areas for GRP pipes, in irrigation, penstocks for hydropower etc. In most applications where pipes can be used, it will prove an advantage to use Pacific pipe systems




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GRP pipe applications for water and sewers standards