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Pacific Pipe Systems - GRP Fittings, Manholes and Specials.


Pacific Pipe Systems manufacture a full range of GRP fittings in the standard diameter range of 100 mm to 3000 mm and in a pressure range from 1 to 32 bar. Fittings are fabricated for both the continuous filament process and the helical winding process. The stiffness classes of all fittings are equal to the stiffness of the pipes for the project they are supplied to.

Standard fittings include all required bends, tees, wyes, reducers, flanges, puddle flanges etc.

In addition to standard GRP fittings, Pacific Pipe Systems fabricate a wide range of custom made fittings and spools as per every specific project requirement.

To ensure that every component of the piping system has the same corrosion resistance and long term properties, Pacific Pipe Systems design and fabricate in GRP:


Lifting chambers and shafts.

Overflow tank farms for storm water and sewers.

Storage tanks for potable water and fire fighting water.

Other custom made tanks for chemical processes.

The product range is fabricated at Pacific Pipe Systems manufacturing plant outside Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The engineering design comes under Pacific Engineering and Technical Services following International standards, test requirements and procedures.

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