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Pacific Pipe Systems GRP pipe Applications

GRP pipes have a history spanning more than 60 years and with well proven and tested standards. The most commonly used are AWWA, ASTM and ISO standards and those are also the base for the Indian BIS standards. In the early days, due to the higher cost of raw materials, GRP pipes had a disadvantage against metallic pipes but even in this situation, GRP pipes were the fastest growing pipe material in the world in market share. It was supplied at a premium price due to the benefits in corrosion resistance and long term performance. Since then the raw material cost ratio has changed to the advantage of GRP pipes over metallic pipes. Now we supply a superior product at a more competitive price than traditional pipe materials.
Potable water transmission and distribution  

Perhaps the main challenge of our generation is to bring clean, potable and healthy drinking water to all people. Today about two million tonnes of untreated sewage flows into out water ways, about 1.5 million children die every year of water borne diseases and about 2.5 billion people are without adequate sanitation.

Agricultural and rural areas will not be able to sustain life and economic progress unless they are provided with clean and affordable water supplies. Water is a life line to progress and the expansion of urban areas will not be halted unless people have access to water.

Pacific contribute to development by providing engineered piping systems for water transmission and distribution that are without health risks and with a very long service life. Due to the lower initial investment and lower operational costs, the use of Pacific GRP pipes provides clean water for twenty percent more people with the same investment budget as used for metallic pipes.

Pacific GRP pipes have a very low friction loss providing a saving in energy costs for pumped application, or a higher "q" value for gravity flow. With a no infiltration / exfiltration coupling system, there are zero water losses from water source up to the user of the water.

Pacific GRP pipes are faster and easier to install than metallic pipes and there are substantial savings in both finished project cost and life cycle costs.


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Other applications  

Pacific GRP Pipe Systems are used and can be used in many other applications, each requiring it's own pipe design approach.

Pacific GRP Pipe Systems for sewers, industrial sewers and force mains incorporates a different glass fibre reinforcement more suitable for acidic conditions. Resin selection is dependent on media composition and temperature. For most applications, standard orthophthetalic resins can be used while more corrosive applications, or elevated media temperatures will require isophthetalic or vinylester resins, either as liners or full body.

Pacific GRP Pipe Systems for cooling water systems and other industrial applications are generally isophthetalic based and requires different reinforcements to build higher axial strength pipes suitable for restrained pipe designs.

Pacific Power Pipes are GRP pipes designed for penstock applications in smaller hydropower projects. It is a high axial strength pipe system and can be used for buried installations as well as above ground installations on supports. It is a UV resistant pipe and light in color for increased heat reflection. It can be used in ambient temperatures from -60C to +50C without any changes in mechanical properties. Dependent on coupling selection, it can be supplied for both restrained and unrestrained systems.

Pacific GRP Pipe Systems for submarine applications are higher axial strength pipes suitable for restrained system when required and for the towing forces when pipe strings are assembled on shore and towed to installation location by tugs.

There are several alternative coupling systems for all the different applications.

Pacific GRP pipes applications for potable water



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GRP pipe applications for water and sewers standards